Step by Step Process for Ordering Dance America Nationals 2010 DVD

We’ve had a few questions about the ordering process for the Dance America Nationals 2010 Competition at Juan Diego High School.

Here’s the Step by Step guide:

Step 1:

Go to this link:

Dance America Nationals 2010 at Juan Diego High School

dance america nationals 2010

Step 2:

You’ll see options for DVDs, Photographs, and BigPics (the DVDs are check marked by default)

dance america 2010

Step 3:

If all you’d like to order is the DVD, click Next

Step 4:

Select your team – Click Next

Step 5:

  • Select the routines you’d like on the DVD (up to 10)
  • Personalize the DVD with your child’s name
  • Select the number of copies you’d like to order
  • Select the shipping option (Ship to Home is the Only Option at this point)
  • Click Next

Step 6:

Confirm your order – Click Check Out

Step 7:

Fill out your Shipping Information – Click Check Out

Step 8:

  • You will be taken to a Pay Pal merchant account.
  • You DON’T need to have a Pay Pal Account to check out.
  • Simply enter in the appropriate billing information and you’ll be ready to go.

If you have any further questions, let us know.

Thanks for your business with


  1. cindee stone says

    I would like to get the free dvd. i would even pay for it if it had my daughters dance on it. it was with bliss pop squad.

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