Status of Orders for Dance America Nationals 2010

Hello studio directors, parents and participants of the Dance America Nationals 2010 held at Juan Diego High School. Thanks for all the positive feedback and support thus far. We really appreciate the communication.

All DVDs ordered at the event with the “Ship To Home” option have been produced and shipped to the address you provided to us.

All pictures and posters ordered at the event have been “Shipped to Home” too.

We have started the “Ship to Coach” process as of last Saturday. This means the “Ship to Coach” Free DVD option is no longer available. You can still “customize” your DVD with up to 10 routines from you studio, but these DVDs will only have the “Ship to Home” option, which costs $10.

If you didn’t get a chance to customize your DVD and don’t want the “Ship to Home” option, you will STILL get a FREE DVD from the event which will include up to 10 routines from your studio. If your studio has more than 10 routines, Highlight Sports will pick 10 routines at random (not solos or duets) to put on the DVD. These DVDs will be shipped to your studio and will be distributed by your coaches. Our goal is to have all of these orders processed, packaged, and shipped ASAP. It will be the responsibility of you and your studio directors to get your FREE DVD if it is “shipped to coach”.

Pictures, Posters, and other specialty orders are always “Ship to Home” and are shipped separately.

If you have further questions about the ordering process, the FREE DVD options, or about dance recital videography and studio photography, email Nate today!

Thanks again for your support! We look forward to working with you again in the future!


Nate Moller
Marketing Director

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