Dance America Nationals 2012

Questions on How to Order? Watch this video first!

Video sponsored by Grow Dance – offering online Dance Studio Registration solutions for FREE*

The Free DVDs will be available to order online soon.

You will have until May 29th, 2012 to order the customized DVD for FREE. After May 29th, we will begin shipping the FREE DVDs to the studio and the Free option will no longer be available.

We will being uploading all the footage, including DVDs and Pictures, to our system on Monday, April 30th, 2012. Come back frequently for updates.

Online Ordering Tutorial coming soon!

How do I get my Free DVD?

The DVD is free to you. How? Dance America and sponsors provide it.

Shipping options

Ship to Studio:

  • The DVD is automatically shipped to the Studio.
  • You are able to add a Name on the DVD and Choose the Routines you want (up to 15).
  • You will need to contact your studio director to pick up your DVD.
  • If you don’t choose to include a Name on the DVD or pick the routines you’d like, you will receive a Generic DVD that has up to 15 routines that we select.
  • There is a TIME FRAME: we start shipping to studio on June 6th so orders must be placed 1 week prior to this date (May 29th, 2012).

Ship to Home:

  • You are able to add a Name on the DVD and Choose the Routines (from your team) you want – up to 15.
  • These DVDs will be processed and shipped starting the week after the event!
  • The shipping charge is $10 and we start shipping May 4th, 2012.

Extra copies:

The first copy is free! If you wish to get additional copies for others (family members and friends) they are $5 each. Additional copies will be shipped with your free copy (either to home or studio).



  • Ship to Coach – FREE (Delivery Starts June 6, 2012 )
  • Ship to Home – $10 (Delivery Starts May 4, 2012)
  • Extra Copies – $5 each

Photography (Shipping for Pictures $5/order)

Action (Taken while you are performing)

  • 5*7 – $7
  • 8*10 – $10
  • Wallets – $7
  • 11*14 – $15
  • 16*20 – $25
  • 20*30 – $40

Posters 30% off at event only (Shipping for posters $10/order)

  • 11*14- $50 $35
  • 16*20- $60 $42
  • 20*30- $70 $49
  • 12*36- $50 $35
* 3 main options provided, contact Grow Dance for details


  1. Julie Talbott says

    I have already ordered my DVD while at the Dance America Competition, but would like to see the pictures of my daughter’s routines. Where is the link on your website for that? Everything I click keeps coming back to the same page with the ‘how to order your FREE DVD’ tutorial, but nowhere to look at the pictures for ordering….

  2. Hi, my daughters were at Dance America Nationals in Draper on Friday/Saturday and I was unable to order their video from the kiosk. When will we be able to order online?

  3. Heidi Wright says

    I am the Director of The Dance Source, we brought 19 numbers to the competition. Will I receive a DVD of all our number or just the 15. If it is just the 15 what do I need to pldo to get a recording of all our numbers?
    Also, I do not see the link to place the order under the Dance America tap, I only get the video of how to place an order but no link to actually place the order.

  4. @All comments:

    We will have everything LIVE within the next few days. At that point you will be able to order your FREE DVD.

    Your comments will not qualify as Highlight Sports knowing what you’d like to order 🙂

    Thanks for your business with Highlight Sports!

  5. Cami Bettridge says

    I am looking for my daughters action shots. She was number 47. Will you please look for them.

  6. On Synergys pictures for the dance bring me flowers 12049 is not the right dance or studio. Our costumes are levi skirts with lacey cream top and a bouquet of flowers. Also some of the dances arent uploading. The dance Like What 11998 wont pull up.

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