Dance America Nationals 2011

UPDATE (May 4, 2011)

You can now order your Dance America Nationals 2011 Action Pictures and FREE DVD!

Questions on How to Order? Watch this video first!


UPDATE (May 1, 2011)

The Free DVDs are still available. However, you will NOT be able to order them until around Friday of this coming week (May 6th, 2011).

You will have until May 29th, 2011 to order the customized DVD for FREE. After May 29th, we will begin shipping the FREE DVDs to the studio and the Free option will no longer be available.

We are in the process now of uploading all the footage, including DVDs and Pictures, to our system. Come back frequently for updates.

Online Ordering Tutorial coming soon!

How do I get my Free DVD?

The DVD is free to you.  How?  Dance America and sponsors provide it.

Shipping options

Ship to Studio:

  • The DVD is automatically shipped to the Studio.
  • You are able to add a Name on the DVD and Choose the Routines you want (up to 15).
  • You will need to contact your studio director to pick up your DVD.
  • If you don’t choose to include a Name on the DVD or pick the routines you’d like, you will receive a Generic DVD that has up to 15 routines that we select.
  • There is a TIME FRAME: we start shipping to studio on June 6th so orders must be placed 1 week prior to this date (May 29th, 2011).

Ship to Home:

  • You are able to add a Name on the DVD and Choose the Routines you want (up to 15).
  • These DVDs will be processed and shipped starting NEXT WEEK!
  • The shipping charge is $10 and we start shipping May 4th, 2011.

Extra copies:

The first copy is free! If you wish to get additional copies for others (family members and friends) they are $5 each.  Additional copies will be shipped with your free copy (either to home or studio).



  • Ship to Coach                   –                  FREE                                     (Delivery Starts June 6, 2011 )
  • Ship to Home                  –                   $10                                     (Delivery Starts May 4, 2011)
  • Extra Copies                  –                    $5 each

Photography (Shipping for Pictures $5/order)

Action (Taken while you are performing)

  • 5*7           –          $7
  • 8*10         –          $10
  • Wallets         –          $7
  • 11*14         –          $15
  • 16*20         –          $25
  • 20*30         –         $40

Posters 30% off at event only (Shipping for posters $10/ order)

  • 11*14- $50 $35
  • 16*20- $60 $42
  • 20*30- $70 $49
  • 12*36- $50 $35


  1. Jennifer Thornley says

    I would like to have three routines on my DVD
    1. Try it you’ll like it #176
    2. It’s about that walk #204
    3. Material Girl #231

    all of these are Dance Imressions routines please send to them.

  2. Diane Sheppick says

    I would like all of the Dancin’ It up Routines


  3. vickie graham says

    I want to reserve my free DVD. My daughter dances with Dance Impressions in Bountiful Utah. I would the Lifeguard dance which is #184 on the schedule. Also please include Elites “My Boyfriends Back and also “Cry Baby” thanks
    can just send to director

  4. I am trying to order the DVD. The studio Dance Impressions is not listed as a studio to select.

    • @Michelle

      All the new information for the Dance America Nationals 2011 will be available by this Friday, May 5th, 2011.

      Come back soon for updates!

      Nate M.

  5. Jenny Roberts says

    I would like “Let Yourself Go” #196 & “It’s About that Walk” #203. Please just fill in with Dance Impressions numbers for the remainder of the DVD. You can just send the DVD to the director. Thanks!

    • @Jenny,

      The online ordering process will be available soon. Due to the fact that there are over 2,300 participants, we will not be able to go in and customize your DVD for you. You’ll need to select the routines, add your name if you’d like, and process the order.

      We’ll keep you all posted when the products are ready to order.


      Nate M.

  6. There’s only one routine showing for Utah Dance Artists?

  7. Melanie Scott says

    My billing address and shipping address were flipped and I didn’t notice until after I completed the order. I wanted to inform you just in case this will cause a problem with the billing. Either for the shipping address works.

  8. Elizabeth Colton says

    I received a 5×7 of the 16×20 collage poster I ordered. I am wondering if this is for me to proof? I didn’t receive any explanation, so I am a little confused (easy to do ;). I have a couple of requests for the final poster:
    1. please center the large vertical picture by nudging to the left.
    2. Please raise the split jump ( the top picture) so she is in the top of the frame to indicate the height she has.
    Thank you,
    Camela Colton

  9. im looking for the dance vibrations “Happy” in the pictures they are not there doubles of missy style please help

  10. Adam Petersen says

    I would like to purchase the high-resolution digital file of a picture of my daughter from the Dance America 2011. I was told a few weeks ago by a gentleman on you team that I would be able to do so within a few days, however I do not yet see that option.
    Please advise.
    Thank you! ADAM

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