2013 Dance America Nationals DVD & Pictures

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Dear Studio Directors and Dance America Nationals Participants,

Highlight Sports will be delivering one DVD per participant at the Dance America Nationals 2013. Some may have questions about the process. This post aims to explain the process and verify shipping information.


DVD Options:

  • Option 1: Participants can choose to do nothing. However, if your studio competes in more than 15 routines, Highlight Sports will not be able to add every dance to the “generic” DVD. We will randomly select up to 15 routines.
  • Option 2: Highlight Sports has the ability to personalize DVDs for the participants. This service is FREE. However, participants must come to the Highlight Sports booth to complete the custom DVD ordering process. This process ensures that your dancers get the specific routines they want on their DVD. Dancers can also visit HighlightSports.com to order their custom DVD. Online ordering will begin within 5-7 business days post-event or earlier.

Shipping Options:

  • Option 1: Generic DVDs and Customized DVDs can be shipped to the studio. This shipping process will begin the first week in June. We will ship to studios in alphabetical order. The studio owner will then distribute DVDs to each student. This shipping option is completely free. In order to ensure you receive your DVDs, you must come to the Highlight Sports booth to verify your studio or personal mailing address!
  • Option 2: The “ship to home” option is only for participants who choose to personalize their DVD. The “ship to home” orders will begin 1-2 weeks post-event. The DVD is still free; however, this option has a $10 per order shipping and handling fee.

Extra Copies?

Each participant is only allowed to order 1 FREE DVD. If they would like to order additional copies for family members or friends, they MUST come to the Highlight Sports booth, personalize their DVD, and add additional copies to their order. Additional copies are only $5.

If, by chance, someone on your team orders multiple FREE DVDs by coming to the booth at different times, someone else on your team will NOT get a DVD. Highlight Sports has been given specific numbers regarding participants per studio and has allocated DVD distribution accordingly. Highlight Sports does not have a way to verify who has or hasn’t ordered a DVD at the event and thanks you all for your honesty.

If you have additional questions, please come speak with us at the Highlight Sports booth or comment below.

Thank you,
Highlight Sports Management

Frequently Asked Questions


DVD Arrival Time

If you ordered the “Ship to Coach” option, we will begin processing and shipping those order starting on June 1st, 2013. The “Ship to Coach” orders are processed in alphabetical order by team (ie. Aspire, Elite, Studio, Zappos).

If you select the “Ship to Home” option, we will begin processing those orders in about a week or so. Those orders are processed in the order they were received.

DVD Shipped to Coach

DVD’s will be shipped to your studio starting in June 2013. They will be shipped in one package or possibly two depending on the size of your studio. Your studio director will then be responsible to distribute them to team members. Some of the DVDs will be customized (specific routines selected, name on DVD, etc.). This is because these participants either order at the event or ordered online after the event and selected the “Ship to Coach” option.

Some of your team members will get their DVD much earlier. This is because they selected the “Ship to Home” option.

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Order Free DVD

No, you don’t necessarily HAVE to do anything in order to get the FREE DVD. Each studio is allotted a specific number of DVDs based on how many participants the registered for the event. Those participants that don’t order their FREE DVD and customize it will get a generic copy. By “generic” we mean that we will pick up to 15 dances from your studio (not solos, duos, or trios) and put them on the DVD.

If you want to have specific routines on your DVD, you WILL need to order it online. Not only can you pick the routines you want, but you can also have your child’s name printed on the DVD as part of the customization.

Missing Pictures

There are two options with the pictures that are missing:

  1. They were accidentally put in another folder. To find them, check teams before and after your daughters routine. If you find the correct routine, please let us know and we’ll get it updated.
  2. We didn’t get pictures of that routine. Although we hate to admit this, at times we have technical difficulties and don’t get pictures of a routine. It doesn’t happen much but it does happen.

Wrong Pictures

If other pictures show up in your studio folder that aren’t of your team, please contact us so we can get it updated.

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The DVD is really Free. Highlight Sports does offer to ship the DVDs to your home directly for $10. We also sell pictures taken at the event and advertising space on a limited basis.

Advertising on the DVD

Contact Nate at nate (at) highlightsports (dot) com. Space is limited.

Online Ordering

Online ordering will begin within 5-7 business days post-event or earlier.

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Watching Routines Online

Nope, sorry.

Dance Recital Videography

Yes, learn more about our dance recital videography services and prices. Our calendar has started filling up already so contact us today if you’re interested.

Dance Recital DVD Cost

This depends on the following details:

  • location of your event,
  • length of your event in hours,
  • number of days of your event,
  • number of participants,
  • minimum order vs. “everyone gets a DVD” option,
  • artwork creation, and a few other factors.

Fill out the dance recital application form and Nate will contact you.

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Studio Photography

Yes, contact Nate for more details at nate (at) highlightsports (dot) com.

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